Your Valuable Emotions!

Emotions; they are so valuable to all of us.  Yet most of us seem to take our emotions as just a thing that happens in our daily lives, without a second thought.  We react to every day happenings without a moment of realizing that our emotions are guiding us, telling us if we are on track or not.  What does that mean?  Well, if you take the time to realize that you can use your emotions to find out what you might want to change in your life at that moment, you can actually change what you bring into your life, rather than waiting for it to creep up on you.  Emotions cause you to get in touch with yourself, and how you are feeling about a situation or issue that you have encountered, and give you a chance to change that feeling to something so much better.  When you check in with how you are feeling, you get to decide is this a good feeling or a not so good one?  Once you check in, and really feel that emotion,  is when the magic can happen if you let it!

How does this magic happen?  By changing how you feel.  Are you upset?  Change it with gratitude.  Are you depressed?  Change it with gratitude.  Are you annoyed?  Change it with gratitude.  Noticing a pattern here?  Gratitude changes everything.  Even your emotions.  When you change how you feel, the world suddenly doesn't look so scary.  When you change how you feel with gratitude, you then emit a positive energy that the Universe responds to by bringing you more of what you do want and not what you don't want.  

So let your emotions be your guide everyday, and when you do that, when you are in a constant state of positive vibration, when you are feeling great about your life; well, that's when the big magic happens!