It's Not About Forgiveness

Our lives are constantly moving and shifting.  Sometimes we seem to go through our days on auto pilot.  We are not who we think we are, we are so much more than just human beings in a body.  We are actually the essence of God as our Source of all things possible.  Sometimes, our transgressions are not for the faint of heart.  Our limiting beliefs hold us back and blur the lines of truth.  Our truth.  We make believe that we are being honest, but we aren't.  We think we are telling our truth but we talk beneath the surface of what is really in our heart and soul.  What are we afraid of?  

When someone has done something to hurt us, are we really suppose to forgive them?  Is forgiveness the answer?  What is forgiveness?  Is it just merely saying the words, "I forgive you"?  Okay, nothing more to see here, just move along.   Isn't that a bit arrogant on our part? Why would I forgive you for being yourself?  It's not forgiveness that I should bestow but understanding.  I should understand that you are being you. That you are saying what you feel is true.  That you are being human.  In this special and beautiful time of the holiday season, let's remember to understand one another or to at least try.  It's not in forgiveness that we can find peace within ourselves, but in the understanding of one another and to remember, that we are all spiritual beings, encased in a human body, living on a rock hurtling through space, around a vast star in a giant solar system, in a universe that is infinite. 

 May all your dreams come true for the new year!  I wish you joy, peace, happiness and the abundant life you deserve!  Happy Holidays!