A Journey Into Love

Let Go and Let God.  Fall into His Arms and Trust.  The only one that is judging you is you.  A child of God, one with a mission and purpose in life, to spread love, to be love, and to honor oneself as love.  You are the Source of all that is good in the Universe.  Don't give into doubt, don't give into self judgement, don't let go of your dreams, for you are the reason love exists and it is you that will bring this message to the world.  Now, go forth and bring that message, and spread love, compassion and healing and help people to realize that their souls are trapped and seeking a way our of the hell that they have created.  Bring forth their happiness, and bring forth the love and light that shines within.  For I am God and I am with you always.  Now go and spread this word,  My word of love.