Do You Have an Attitude of Gratitude?

When was the last time you really thought about all the things that you have in your life?  Whether they are material, spiritual or emotional; when was the last time you stopped to say, "Thank You" with feeling?  If you haven't done that yet, or haven't thought about it, then now is the time.  Get quiet, close your eyes, and think about all you have to be grateful for in your life.  Everyone has at least one thing to be grateful for; and if you are saying right now, " well I can't think of one" then guess what?  You can at least be grateful that you are reading this because you are still alive.  You got up this morning to challenge another day.  You got to see your spouse, children, partner or friends one more time.  To me, that is more than enough to be grateful for on this day.  You see, we often miss the small things, or the things we take for granted in our daily lives and in missing those beautiful, gracious moments we are running on remote control.  So on this day and every day, stop and be grateful for whatever is in your life now. When you do that, and even more powerful, when you make a habit of writing them down in a journal each morning or night, you not only create more things to be grateful for, but you end up living an inspired life.  Now who wouldn't want that? 

I am grateful that you took the time to read this post.  I am grateful that it made a difference and at the very least got you to think about saying "Thank you" to the Universe.