Joan is an amazing Life Coach. I am truly blessed to be working with her. She is truly gifted and from working with Joan I have released major blocks that have been keeping me stuck from taking the next step. I highly recommend Joan to anyone who is looking to move forward in their life (no matter what the next step maybe)

Adriane B. Oklahoma

I have worked with Joan for coaching session's and  I can say, without exaggeration, that her combination of empathy, strength, patience, and insight have helped me tremendously in resolving my life problems .I was also able to  attract things which seems to be impossible to accomplish  She is amazing insightful coach with a lot of experience and wisdom. Joan has helped me to see a clear path to unlocking the things that have been blocking me and has moved me forward to a life that is inspiring and joyous. I know I couldn't have done it without her and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for new path and happy successful fulfilled life.

Asia D – New York   CEO/Founder of Non-Profit

Every day I think about what you taught me and it has made a big difference in my day to day life. Thank you for bringing your love to the world- it's a better place because you are here!

Nancy H- Connecticut

Joan has helped me see my personal business in a whole new light! Since talking with her I have seen so much growth and positive things play out in my business. She is so attentive and really tailors her programs to your personal needs!

Erin D- California

Joan has the gift of listening, listening for the gold...she can ask the tough questions that get you where you need to go.  That's what you really want from a coach !"

 ~ June K.  New Jersey

 Working with Joan, it is evident she is fulfilling her calling in life.  She has the innate ability to not only listen, but to hear the real message in what is being said.  She is quick to pull all the pieces together to identify the true crux of a problem or issue and her questions are deep and thought provoking.  She is incredibly intuitive and continues to help me see where I block my own growth or when I choose to stay in old thought patterns and beliefs.  If you want guidance and encouragement through a tough part of your life, or if you undergoing a change in your life, you want Joan by your side, coaching you through and encouraging you along the way.

Marie S.  Maine

"I have worked with Joan a number of times, she is very thorough and gets to the source of the issue at hand. She has an innate ability to ask powerful questions at just the right time. She helped me gain clarity on my business and what I was doing to play small. I had lots of anxiety and Joan helped with clearing that up with her unique way of working through things. She is highly intuitive, and has an awesome sense of humor, making sessions not only productive, but also fun. She walks her talk. Highly recommend!"

Carmel M.  New York